For Yara: Green Walls


Moss Walls grows at a slow prolonged rate of 3-6 cm per year, and is collected from our natural habitat in the northern arctic. It maintains itself and performs functions like air purification, deodorization and shares many features that outdoor plants commonly have. It helps to promote eco-friendly interiors. It is fire safe and serves as an acoustic insulation

Easy to Maintain,Natural & ECO-Friendly... ... FOR a Variety of uses in interior design

Installation of the green wall panels is easy, simple, inexpensive and long-lasting. The assembly process is simple and does not require infrastructure or special preparation of the target surface and is easy to maintain. We will work with you to define the best space, size and shape for a truly natural custom wall design. You can combine several shades and colors in the same area.

Fire Safety: It’s ignition-proof and excels in fire safety.
Infinite Life: Grows slowly & does not change in aesthetics or functionality.
Acoustic Insulation: The measured sound absorption coefficient.
Thermal Insulation: Low thermal conductivity, excelling in saving energy
Insect Proof: Insects are unable to create a habitat within. It also does not go moldy nor decompose
Safe & Convenient: Safe, convenient and can be installed on any surface.
Diversify:  Moss panels are easy to install for creative ideas and designs

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Ramallah Moss - Palestine Plant Wall